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Ladd Brothers, Nancy Newman Rice – Art Review – By Dickson Beall

Zoneone Arts’ Nancy Newman-Rice Article By Deborah Blakeley

Zoneone Arts brings Nancy Newman Rice to you…  Nancy Newmen-Rice How did your residency to Paris after completing your MFA propel your art? My residency in Paris happened 39 years after I received my MFA. Shortly after graduate school, I began teaching I at a city community college, St. Louis Community College, Forest Park, and an […]

Purchase “Fragile Memories” in Paperback & Hardback

Fragile Memories, by Nancy Newman Rice, is a collection of reproductions of paintings preceded by commentaries on the origin of my subject matter. The book is autobiographical in nature as my subjects come from dreams and experiences. Paperback: 46 pages Hardback: 46 pages Publisher: Blurb (2008) ISBN-10: 1320010504 ISBN-13: 978-1320010504 Purchase “Fragile Memories” at

Kensington Symphony Orchestra Inspired By “Sacred Space”

“Sacred Space was inspired by a dramatic painting (Sacred Space 2010) by the noted American painter Nancy Newman Rice. When I first saw the painting I was instantly riveted by it. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I absolutely had to compose a narrative piece of music about this painting. It is a […]